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Dfe Framework Agreements

DFE Framework Agreements: What You Need to Know

The Department for Education (DFE) in the UK has established framework agreements that are designed to simplify procurement processes and save time for schools and educational institutions seeking to purchase goods and services. DFE framework agreements are created with the aim of offering a streamlined process for procurement, reducing costs, and ensuring quality control.

What are DFE framework agreements?

DFE framework agreements are established by the government department to offer schools and other educational institutions a convenient and cost-effective way to procure goods and services. They consist of pre-agreed terms and conditions that suppliers must comply with when bidding for a contract. Framework agreements cover a wide range of products and services, including ICT equipment, energy supplies, and consultancy services.

Why use a DFE framework agreement?

DFE framework agreements offer several benefits to schools and educational institutions. Firstly, the agreements provide pre-approved suppliers based on quality criteria and evaluation, meaning that institutions do not have to spend time searching for suitable suppliers themselves. This can save valuable time and resources. Additionally, DFE framework agreements can help reduce costs as suppliers will have had to go through a competitive procurement process before being awarded a place on the framework.

How do DFE framework agreements work?

DFE framework agreements work by allowing suppliers to compete for a place on the framework through a tender process. Once a supplier has been awarded a place on the framework, they can bid for contracts with schools and educational institutions.

When a school or educational institution needs to procure goods or services, they can invite bids from suppliers on the framework. As the suppliers on the framework have already been evaluated and approved, the procurement process becomes much simpler and quicker. Furthermore, as the framework has already established the terms and conditions, there is no need for the educational institution to negotiate these separately with each supplier.


DFE framework agreements offer a simple and cost-effective way for schools and educational institutions to procure goods and services. The agreements provide a streamlined procurement process and pre-approved suppliers, saving time and resources for institutions. By reducing the procurement process`s complexity, DFE framework agreements have the potential to help educational institutions achieve value for money, ensuring they can focus their time and resources on delivering educational outcomes for their pupils.